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Spend $50 gat a free Phone Stand for your workouts!!!!


Thickfitt Bags are versitile and can be used by men and women. take them to the gym or to the grocery store.

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Thickfitt is all about Body Positivity. We encourage women to embrace their curves and strive to be the best version of themselves while using our innovative tools to succeed in their fitness journey.

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Thermogenic fitness gear and waist trainer for men. We have products the help men achieve their fitness goals through muscle activation and a good sweat!

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Our workout tools have been created to work for you and complement you in-home and gym workout. Out innovative resistance bands are a perfect example of the care we take in our workout tools.

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Thickfitt Shapewear is designed to be warn as everyday support and can be combined with the any of our workout gear.

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The Melt Collection our collection of innovative workout clothing that enhances a workout by activating muscles with heat. We use high quality Neoprene material to warm your body up. The neoprene fabric has a high absorption ability to lock in the sweat and prevent it from dripping off of your body, because you will be sweating a lot!

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This collections has products mad of thermogenic polyurethane that has an great stretch to fit your body like a glove. The thermo film lining acts as a conductor of heat and creates a rise in body temperature to help activate your muscles to burn fat.

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Our waist trainers all have a unique feature. Our collection is made to fit any shape and complement any workout because they allow you to breath and they are very flexible.

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What's In My Bag

What's in your gym bag? We have a few items that we like to have in our bag at Thickfitt. Stay connected because there is always something new to add to your gym bag.

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